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Energy Saving in Ice Arenas

Energy efficiency in ice arenas is one of EKA's special skills. A typical arena purchase about 1,000 MWh per year. In most cases the saving potential is 20-40 percent. We are often engaged as experts for parts of or the whole energy saving process. A clear methodology in four steps determines the scope of the assignment.

1. Technology Inventory

We visit the site to determine the technical status of the plant. The result is a report with proposed actions and associated cost estimates. This serves as a basis for the following work steps.

2. Tender specification

Based on the inventory report and the client's wishes we establish a technical tender specification.

3. Tender

We assist with the review of the tenders received , the energy calculation for comparison and life cycle cost analysis . With this technical assistance other factors than price can be taken into account, such as performance and technical lifetime, which strongly affects the operating costs.

4. Implementation

During the implementation, we act as support and take the advanced technical discussions with suppliers. It strengthens the purchaser's role and improves the ability to make the right decision.

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